Signs that you're a cuckold.


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How to understand that I am a cuckold?
Below are 6 signs that you are a cuckold or probably want to know this experience.

  • The fact that you are on this site should already say that most likely you like to watch your wife's sex.
  • You would like your wife to dress more sexually and very openly.
  • You like to hear all about your wife's previous sexual experiences.
  • You love to look at the huge dicks of other men with the idea to see this dick inside your wife's pussy.
  • You experience strong sexual arousal when thinking about how another man fucks your beloved wife. At the same time, he fucks her much better and more sophisticated. And you would like to be a spectator and watch it.
  • You have a desire to lick the pussy of his wife, at the moment when the sperm of another man flows out of her. Or have sex with her.